Radhasoami Heritage

With abundance Grace of Param Purush Puran Dhani Samadh Huzur Soami Ji Maharaj, opportune time will soon unfold into an era where all Satsangis will have access to "Maha Pavitra Kesh" ("Great Holy Hairs") of Soami Ji Maharaj for reverence and darshan.

Objectives of RSH trust (RSHT):

  1. Establishment of a compound where a safer placement of "Maha Pavitra Kesh" will be done. This will give 24 hours access to all Satsangis for darshan and reverence of "Maha Pavitra Kesh"

  2. Establishment of Santmat University to teach the "Principles and Practices of Radhasoami Santmat". The university will conduct online seminars, lectures, courses from time to time to teach correct understanding and real teachings of Santmat way of life.

About the 'Maha Pavitra Kesh' (GREAT HOLY HAIRS)

According to Huzur Babuji Maharaj, as he described in the book about these Great Holy Hairs 'Jeevan Charitra Babuji Maharaj', page no. 442, para 3, 4 and 5, published by Radhasoami Trust, Soamibagh Agra.

When a person named 'Megha' asked to Huzur Babuji Maharaj that, what is the need of keeping hairs and nails of Saints in locket and wearing it, and what is the benefit they gain? Huzur Babuji Maharaj told him that, "It keeps us safe from the negative power 'Kaal'. The power of 'Kaal' can not stand in front of its effect."

Then another person named 'Girdharilal' asked to Huzur Babuji Maharaj that, "What is there in the locket, you are wearing?" Maharaj said," Huzur Soami ji Maharaj gave me some flowers and told me that always keep it near you."

Babuji Maharaj said to Girdharilal, "He gave me these with the special sense of blessings, it should have some special meaning."

How did RSHT come to have 'Maha Pavitra Kesh' in its custody?

Soami ji Maharaj gave away His 'Kesh' with a special grace to Babuji Maharaj and with instruction to always keep them with him. Babuji Maharaj throughout his life wear a locket in which these "Great Holy Kesh" were cocooned and secured. During the last years of Babuji Maharaj life, "He handed over these holy 'Kesh' to Shrimati (Smt.) Shant Kumari Saheba ji, daughter-in-law of Babuji Maharaj", "W/O Lt. Shri Naam Adhar Kapoor (Munan Babu)". Saheba ji devotedly kept 'Holy Kesh' throughout her life and while departing to Radhasoami Dhaam, Saheba ji handed over 'Holy Kesh' to Shri Pankaj Bahl Saheb ji, with pledge to hand over this Holy treasure to all Satsangis at opportune time. Since then, Shri Pankaj Saheb ji has kept them devotely. After exhausting all attempts to establish them along with Soami Ji Maharaj's Samaadh, Saheb ji is committed and motivated to establish a campus for a safer preservation of "Great Holy Kesh" for benefit of all Satsangis. With unbound grace of Radhasoami Daata Dayal, Shri Pankaj Saheb ji has set up 'Radhasoami Heritage Trust' and is a small attempt in direction of Daata Dayal's motive for benefit of entire humanity.

Great Holy Kesh of Soami Ji Maharaj

Huzur Babuji Maharaj

Smt. Shant Kumari Saheba ji

Shri. Pankaj Bahl Saheb ji

Reminiscent from the Past: A Divine Bond

Living a devoted life:

Smt. Shant Kumari Kapoor ji got married to Shri. Naam Adhar Kapoor, son of Huzur Babuji Maharaj at age of 13 years. And, within 3 months of marriage, Shri. Naam Adhar ji left the world for eternal abode and Smt. Shant Kumari ji became widow at this very young age. During those times, widows had very limited social rights and no system of remarriage existed.

Following that, Huzur Babuji Maharaj accepted her as his own daughter and took full care of her. She devotedly took 'Sharan' (resort) of Huzur Babuji Maharaj and accepted Maharaj as her father. With time, she understood the principles of Radhasoami Santmat and Huzur Babuji Maharaj blessed her with Radhasoami Mat Updesh. Radhasoami Daata Dayal blessed her with father in form of Satguru. In due time, she become true picture of devotion and spent all her life as 'disciple' of Huzur Babuji Maharaj than as daughter-in-law. She remained in Malik's 'Mauj' (Will) and steadfastly followed practice of Radhasoami Santmat. She had spent whole life in 'Seva' ('Service') of her Satguru (Huzur Babuji Maharaj). When Huzur Babuji Maharaj become sick and got bed ridden, He called Shant Kumari Saheba ji and handed over 'spiritual wealth of Soami ji Maharaj' in form of these 'Great Holy Kesh' to her. (note: information is narrated by Tondon family members)

A little child in the company of a Saint:

Smt. Shant Kumari Kapoor ji was the real sister of Lt. Shri. Kailash Narayan Tondon, who was the father of Shri. Pankaj Saheb ji's mother, Lt. Smt. Veena Bahl.

When Huzur Babuji Maharaj had fallen sick, He sent Smt. Shant Kumari Saheba ji to her brother's home. Since then, Saheb ji as an little child, has remained in the blessed company of Smt. Shant Kumari Saheba ji and grew up under her grandmotherhood. The little child was brought up at his grandfather's home (Nana ji) by Saheba ji. Snapshotting back, doctor gave wrong injection when the little child was born and drug reaction blackened his skin. Saheba ji took special care of little child and used to massage with different oils and pastes to make the skin clear. The little child grew up under the love and care of Saheba ji.

At the age of five, a little child's life was changed by an accident in which he fell from a great height, and this child received Malik's grace and blessing, which transformed his life and changed his perspective on life. Everything was known to Smt. Shant Kumari Saheba ji and was fully aware of the little child's intense internal quest. Smt. Shant Kumari Saheba ji blessed the little child (Saheb ji) with the practice of Radhasoami Santmat - TRUE "RADHASOAMI DHUNATMAK NAAM". With Malik's grace, from age of 6 years, Saheb ji has been following and practicing Radhasoami Santmat.

At the last moment of her life and just before departing to Radhasoami Dhaam, Smt. Shant Kumari Saheba ji gave these 'Holy Hairs' to Shri. Pankaj Saheb ji and said, "These are the 'Holy Hairs' of Soami ji Maharaj, which I received from my Satguru 'Huzur Babuji Maharaj'. These Holy Hairs are highly spiritualized and the person who is in 'Devotional Practice' gets the benefits of these Kesh. Always take care of these as the Heritage of Radhasoami Santmat".


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