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Vision of RSHT is prepare a ground for true seekers of Radhasoami faith. RSHT is dedicated towards resolving 'True Seekers' doubts and inquiries about the Radhasoami Faith. RSHT will take steps in the direction to fulfill motives of Kul Malik Radhasoami Daata Dayal and remain in 'His Mauj' to accomplish the objectives.

You can support in achieving objectives of the trust by donating in following account via NEFT:


BANK : Bank of Baroda

Branch : Dumbhal

A/C NO. : 26690200001933


Which projects Radhasoami Heritage Trust (RSHT) will undertake with collected amount?

Following projects will be undertaken by RSHT:

  1. Land Purchase for establishment of Campus:

    • With Malik's Grace, a place has been finalized for the establishment of Campus. The place has been visited and finalized by members of RSHT

    • Campus will include:

- A place for safer placement of "Great Holy Kesh": Everyone, including followers of different sects of Radhasoami, will be able to to gain the spiritual benefit of 'MahaPavitra Kesh' of 'Param Purush Puran Dhani Samadh Huzur Soami ji Maharaj' by surrendering with 'Bhaav Purn Darshan' (~'soulful discern viewing'). There will be no restrictions imposed on the location.

- Santmat Radhasoami University: The goal is to teach future generations about the Sanmat principles using state-of-art audio-visual technology. The facilities will include a library with a collection of Santmat-related books, a spiritual practise hall, a hostel, and a centralised mess hall.

    • Purchase of land is pending

2. Campus Construction will be followed after completion of first project

Who can donate?

Anyone, irrespective of religion, sects, nationality, gender, caste or creed, can donate to contribute in the accomplishing projects undertaken by RSHT.